Vibrant IT Summit

Have you ever imagined a world where you can change the pattern of a dress with a push of the button or one where you can change the height of a hem with a swipe of your finger?

An iOT enabled vehicle which can simulate driving and stop accidents ora software enabled air pollution meter to monitor air quality on your smartphone and thus your health; from smart technologies enabling Governments to work smartly to Industry automation systems bringinghigher productivity and reduction in costs at factories.

These revolutionary technologies are paving way for more controlled,convenient and connected living patterns.

From robots and drones used for transporting items of urgent requirements for disaster management and defense to iOT based devicesfitted with sensors to notify the concerned healthcare providers or doctors in a hospital when there is any change in the vital functions of a patient and provide immediate attention and cure; Applications of AI, Cognitive Computing, iOT, Industry 4.0 and robtics are going to drive thefuture and change the way we live.

With Theme based pavilions, innovation zones for exhibition, focused topic sessions and demonstration of disruptive technologies, witness the way IT will transform the way we live at Vibrant IT Summit.

11-12-13 Oct 2018,  Gandhinagar


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