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Society Manager Application

With the increase in growth of real estate development, it becomes necessary for the builders or manager of the societies to maintain the resident’s details and their contribution towards the society. It would be impossible to carry out all the process of maintaining society data on paper. Hence there emerges a need of automating these operations on a data processor. Therefore, we have engendered suitable software that automates this process of managing data. Usually, the data that all housing society requires are every resident’s detail, their maintenance reports and bill calculation, and their additional charges. Our software incorporates all these functions along with some additional features. Society Manager System is a software developed by our experts that serves the best way of handling society data by automating all the accounting activities.
This software will be under control of secretary of the society. He can maintain records of all the members’ information like personal details, automobile and parking details, maintenance charges, membership Events Function and many more.

Application Web and Android

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