Meldi Mataji Temple

Meldi Mataji Temple, Ramosana

  • Mata Meldi is most popular in the times of the Temple of Ramosana village. Mata Meldi Mandir Suited in Ramosana village in the Mehsana city of Gujarat.
  • We have all know that the Maa Meldi of the Maya is amazing and stories connected with different times.All the people who say that in times of mata Meldi and those inhabited village in this village is very famous.
  • Received information from the Internet to talk about now we would have said that’s more famous village inMehsana city have been Ramosana is Mataji Meldi located very nice, and there was also a temple.
  • There are local people said in the Shree Meldi Maa and gives his philosophy of living in the village of Ramosana.Thousands of people are on here to meet them andbelieve in the philosophy that led to peace in their life.
  • This village people said that date from ago 150 yearsbefore self Punjiram laladash Patel is in the mata meldi and the maa of live here in this village was inhabited him.the Punjiram laladash koya Patel is the son of his brother’s son is not so madhavdash Patel is established in the Mata Meldi of his house, and he was mediwala provide the mataji meldi of worship in the life of the people of the village says, “Madha bha ni Meldi Mata”.

Meldi Mataji Temple Ramosana

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