Bansi Kathiyawadi

Bansi Kathiyawadi Hotel   ” Pure test of kathiyawadi food ”

Talking of a restaurant usually brings to the mind a picture of a brightly lit, air-conditioned hall, with music playing in the background, and waiters waiting on us and jotting down our selections from the menu card. Can you imagine a place where there are no closed rooms or halls, lanterns used instead of heavy lighting, natural air replacing air-conditioned air, folk songs being sung without mikes, muddy lanes, homely food served on a tree leaf, and everything around resembling a typical Indian village.

Another distinguishing characteristic of the place is that you get to decide the menu and pay the bill at the reception itself. Selecting from the menu at your seat deprives you of the necessary relaxation. Paying the bill earlier on frees the mind from thinking about the expense. Well, if you haven’t heard of any such place, come home to Bansi.

Bansi is not only designed like a village; the staff accords to you the same, warm hospitality you would likely experience in an Indian village. As soon as you step in, you can let go of your worries. The atmosphere is imbued with a proximity to nature that relaxes the mind. There are no doors to be seen here – which emphasizes the focus on freeing the mind. The waiters and other staff are dressed in traditional Indian gear, with either a turban or a topi on their heads, dressed in the very typical dhoti-kurta. The interior design is certainly in a class of its own, proudly symbolizing Indian culture.

Bansi’s portrayal as a typical Indian village can be traced back to the childhood memories of the designer. In the city, he could never find the same free, relaxed, natural living that he had experienced during the school vacations he spent in the village. As a designer, he always thought about ways to bring the urban milieu closer to nature and sharing with them the blessed experience of feeling free. He actualized his ideas through the Bansi campus and in its decorum, which now makes us all proud of its rich culture.

Our Branches

  • Patan Branch
    Name: Nilam Patel
    Phone: +91 9978846992
    Address: Bansi Kathiyawadi Hotel, T.B. Hospital, Opp. Hero Show-room, Near Sidhdhpur Circle,
    Patan-384265, North-Gujarat, India.

  • Mehsana Branch
  • Name: Nilam Patel, Prajapati Rameshbhai
    Phone: +91 9978191641
    Address: Bansi Kathiyawadi Hotel, Near Vande Petrol Pump, Panchot by pass Circle,
    Mehsana-384002, North-Gujarat, India.

  • Palanpur Branch
  • Name:  Maulikbhai, Nilambhai
    Phone: +91 9925279724
    Address: Bansi Kathiyawadi Hotel, Shivani complex, Opp. Tanu motors, Near Hanuman tekri, Abu highway road, Palanpur, Gujarat, India.

  • Becharaji Branch
  • Name:  Maulikbhai, Nilambhai
    Phone: +91 9725829333
    Address: Bansi Kathiyawadi Hotel, Nr, Axis Bank opp. Maruti Gate no.-4
    Hansalpur, Becharaji, Gujarat, India.

  • Deesa Branch
  • Name:  Maulikbhai, Nilambhai
    Phone: +91 9586079129
    Address: Bansi Kathiyawadi Hotel, Neelkanth Plaza,
    Main Bazar, Deesa, Gujarat, India.

  • Abu Road Branch
  • Name:  Maulikbhai, Nilambhai
    Phone: +91 9687314296
    Address: Bansi Kathiyawadi Hotel, Opp. Forest Dept. Office,
    Taleti, Abu Road.

  • Ahmedabad  Branch
  • Name:   Nilambhai, Maheshbhai
    Phone: +91 9687314296
    Address:  Nearby SIMS hospital, Shukan mall chokdi, Sola Science city road,  Science city. Ahmedabad
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