Bahuchar Mata Mandir

Shree Bahuchar Mata temple in Bechraji, Mehsana, is unique. She is the patron mother of the Hijra community in India. Even otherwise, millions of Hindu devotees undertake a pilgrimage here because it is a shaktipeeth.

Shakti Mata was reincarnated as Sati in order to marry Shiva. She was born to Daksha who did not approve of the union but she went ahead and married the Lord. Daksha once organized a grand yagna and pointedly did not invite Sati and Shiva. Sati, however, went to the Yagna and was ignored by Daksha who even went out of his way to insult her and Shiva. Ashamed, Sati jumped into the fire and immolated herself. Shiva was furious and sent Virabhadra, one of his manifestations, who wreaked havoc and cut off the head of Daksha. An enraged Shiva carried off Sati while performing Tandava, the dance of destruction. The Gods trembled and prayed to Lord Vishnu to do something which he did with his Sudarshana Chakra, cutting off the body of Sati into small parts which scattered on the Earth giving rise to 55 shaktipeeths in India.

Location: 38km from mehsana, 48min approx it will take to reach from mehsana to bechraji

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